Cash Management

KK security delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end cash management solutions to the financial and retail sectors. Our solutions assists businesses to automate their cash processes, get an instant cash guarantee, remove risk and ensure fast cash settlements.

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    With our holistic approach to cash handling, we manage a business’s full cash cycle and cash in transit logistics; thereby completely eliminating cash risk.

    We provide cash collection, delivery and storage services to commercial banks and retail clients...

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    We provide comprehensive cash collection, delivery, and bank deposit (banking) services for retail clients in selected locations in Kenya. Our Cash Management expertise provides our clients with peace of mind as we provide convenient, secure and timely service...

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    Our modern and expanded Cash Centre run by industry-experienced staff allow financial institutions to track and analyze their cash-flow enabling full cost optimization while increasing customer satisfaction through improved availability...

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    We ensure smooth operation and continuous availability of your cash dispensing and check image or envelope deposit machines. We provide customized automated teller machine services, tailored to your specific needs to ensure uptime and cost saving...

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    We can help you process your cash better, faster and more economically than anyone else in the market. To take over the burden of encashing cheques, we provide cash management solutions and operate with highly trained agents.

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    By using our quick and convenient courier ride services, you and your managers will be able to spend more time building profits, and less collecting documents and banking instruments between locations. We are offer pick up of non-cash items such as...

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    We can provide you the convenience of making payments to your staff in a secure manner within the company premises. This tailored service saves time and is cost effective where there is a large number of staff involved...

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    We work flexibly with our clients event scale our services to meet their needs - whatever they are. Our expertise includes access control - where we have led the way in developing our own system to streamline priority bookings and registration systems...